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Persia-Swede-a-‘Rican Hijinks

There’s something to be said for sharing tent space with friends. As the time increases Something akin to a telepathic connection develops. Conversations can be carried on in one word sentences, and hysterical bouts of laughter lasting minutes can be … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Cheers!

Wake up, pop a cold one, go outside and enjoy this giant playground called Earth I’m thankful for!

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Flume Roll

Arrived to the Whites not in the middle of the night for once and took a stroll through the Flume Gorge in Franconia Notch, NH one early September afternoon.

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KanceeMangee (that’s a hard ‘C’ and a soft ‘G’)

Free at last from the congestion of the commuters, I speed towards the mountains, a cool wind in my face gives me goosebumps, but if I roll the window up it’s instantly too warm for my taste on this midsummer … Continue reading

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May Day Corn Harvest

It’s May, which means my 2010-2011 ski season has entered its 8th month. I headed to Mt. Sunapee yesterday with Nick to earn some sweet corn turns, mmm mmm! Wait, there is snow up here riiiiiight? With a little effort … Continue reading

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Go East

Well I managed to convince Christina to leave Breckenridge for a while, and embark on a a tour of the East Coast’s big mountain skiing.  Last Friday we headed up to Mt. Washington, despite  countless sources forecasting skating rink conditions.  … Continue reading

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Ski Space Time Continuum

The first week of April finally brought spring to the high mountains of New England.  “If I could wish for a perfect spring day as a Snow Ranger, it might look a lot like today.” expressed the Mount Washington Avalanche … Continue reading

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