South Again/ Christina’s Triathalon

Last weekend Christina & I made the monotonous drive down to southern Utah for her first olympic distance triathon.  After months of physical training and mental tribulations those preparations were finally going to be tested. After few hours of this:

Christina picked her race materials up in town, we set up camp and watched the sun set before an early bedtime.

We awoke before the sun rose to a desert chill, I took some photos while Christina set up her spot in the transition area.

In a few hours this serene scene would be bustling with triathletes starting their race with a mile swim.

Glassy water; luckily the wind held off till after the last racer finished.

All ready to go, with some inspiration for the ride.






Superhero ready to race.

And they’re off!!

She was the only smiling coming in from the water.

Quickly off to the road, where the asphalt was now nearly hot enough to fry and egg.  Once the sun came out temps quickly climbed to the high 90s.  There is no shade in Hurricane.  Not even a cloud in the sky.

After passing just about the entire field on the bike, Christina demanded daiquiris at the finish line as she began her 10K run.

Stoked, just a few more strides to go.

She finished with a total time of 2:48:18, 2ND! in her age group, and 14th out of 66 Women overall.  Not too shabby for first olypmic distance tri, and 2nd ever.

No daiquiris, but we pina coladas were a fine subsitute and helped ease the discomfort of 98 degrees.

We packed up early and hit the road sunday fleeing the oppressive heat.  We took a slight detour and checked out Kolob Canyon in the Northwest corner of Zion.

Looking back south.







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2 Responses to South Again/ Christina’s Triathalon

  1. Thurston says:

    Congrats Christina, quite an accomplishment. Some great shots too, Jackson !
    Love the pelicans. Love Christine and Thurston

  2. Nice Job Christina!!

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