Desolation Lake

The exploration has begun! It’s going to take some time get all these places & names into my head.

Over the pass from Park City to Big Cottonwood Canyon Christina & I went. Up the Mill D North Fork to Desolation Lake.

Are we there yet? The terrain is much smoother than that of New Hampshire or Vermont; however, the elevation prevents us from having any speed advantage.

We are there; stunningly colorful and clear water at 9200′.

Paired with aspens that have begun to turn,

it was quite the splendid locale for a basecamp.

We stashed our packs and climbed higher for a view.

We looped the ridge and settled back for dinner, as temps fell quite below what we had been used to.

Our bellies full of Chicken-Ala-King, the Sun king gave his parting shots.

Back on the ridge, a megalopolis, began to emerge, and not very far away at all.

Back at our home away, the harvest Moon watched us sleep.

Still chilly when we rose, much to our delight, the other Jack Frost had run through our canyon in the night.

Back to the car, we passed some others early to rise.

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4 Responses to Desolation Lake

  1. Ned says:

    Magnifabulus country…wow…and that lake..! T
    hanks for sharing the adventure. I got your post card 5 minutes ago. Thanks for the note…love, Dad

  2. Forrest says:

    Beautiful photos! Our aspens hadn’t started to turn yet as of a week ago, I think it’s time to go have another look.

    Do you know what causes that gorgeous color in the mountain lake? Looks like the glacial lakes out here.

    • angryswede says:

      Thanks, Forrest! From a little research it looks like the color is from “Rock Flour” bits of rock that enter the lake via spring runoff similar to the glacial deposits of your lakes.

  3. Persia says:

    Awesome shots Jacko. Winter is coming!

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