“death march”

Squeezing in all the requisite New England summer activities as the exodus quickly approaches.  This trip ironically turned into the laziest camp/hike weekend.  Boxes, however, were checked off.

As per usual it was late in the day when we reached the Forest.  All campsites including the go to Hancock were fully occupied.  So it was primitive style for night one.  After Stefan & both claimed at 7AM that we would not be able to fall back asleep, we woke will a start at 9AM.  Already behind schedule we booked it out of the woods and altered the plan to get hiking asap.

We landed  at the kanc hairpin.

River crossings en route to the hancocks were much more manageable in the summer time, and the second attempt proved to be the charm.

The day started out with blue skies.

As we climbed higher the sun started a game of hide and seek- I found you!

North Hancock provided some nice views of the East side of the Pemigawasset and the ridge of an actual death march.

If you time it right- beauty interrupted.

The day concluded with hours of fun with fire.

The coals & clear skies last long enough for a breakfast of ages.  And then the rains came.

and with it our motivation for any further “death marching.”

These were wise investments…
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