next time I’ll drive

Oh what vast landscape is this?

Where the mountains tower over 14000′.

Where there really was gold at the end of the rainbow, and lot’s of it!

Where gondolas are the preferred method of transportation.

My that is quite the quandary.

Where the sun rise shines up from below.

Where the first bullwheels did not haul skiers but miner’s delight!

Where the water supply is 11000′ above the Quabbity.

Where mountains bleed rojo.

The roots of this quandary run deep with wild reds.

Where you can take the highway through the GREAT DIVIDE!

Where you can find snow in July.

Where the light does not pollute.

Good night Colorado. Till next time, when I’ll drive.

Moar Photos.
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5 Responses to next time I’ll drive

  1. persia says:

    Happiness….and yet still sadness. Either way, these are good shots.

  2. Ned says:

    Amazing beauty !

  3. Christina says:

    Instead of a dog, I am requesting a pet fox.

  4. christine says:

    Awesome photography! Thanks Jack

  5. mz says:

    the rainbow picture is _awesome_, and I love the full moon shot.

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