Spring? Break?

Spring has come, and so has some love from Ullr in conjunction with Christina’s spring break.  We traded in our shades, sunscreened noses, and spread eagles out of corn bumps for bonus powder days.

Contrary to the standard grey snow days of New England, the blue bird flew over in the morning shining some light on the fresh fluffy dendrites at sugarbush.

In the spirit of a “typical” spring break, we floated along some undulations. 

At the summit Nick puts in the first track,

and Christina makes the second mark of the day.


The skiing was really too much fun over the past two weekends, so the camera stayed in the car most of the time.

Saturday at stowe, conditions were the best I’ve had all year.  It really is a shame I’ve not spend more time on the flanks of Mt. Mansfield and in Smuggler’s Notch.

Landings were soft, as long as trees weren’t involved…

Christina showed me how to be graceful on her line.

Always a good idea to replenish the calorie bank after a solid ski day.




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4 Responses to Spring? Break?

  1. SJ soTothy says:

    Love it. Nice addition of the gifs. Makes me happy to be back in New England.

  2. Ned says:

    I always enjoy your poetic pictorial Jackson!

  3. Max says:

    That huck gif is mint.. But your aim is pretty questionable

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