Holidaze (Part III)

The miles passed us by; mountains changing from green to white.  We reached the trail head of a favorite adventure before dark.  We hoped for a leisurely snow shoe up to grey knob and a cozy new years eve in the cabin, but the wind howled along rte 2 and the cold crept into our sleeping bags that night. I’ve since forgotten which eve in our tale we are at, nevertheless morning finally came and the forecast called for old man winters grasp to evolve into a strangle on the mountain, and in the interest of our extremities we bailed on spending the night up high.  Unable to completely cashout, we settled on going for an exploratory snow shoe to investigate a sheltered glade in the Pemigewasset.

There was lots of snow; and after fumbling around…

and searching

we found our highway.

We followed the river pillows for a while

After two miles and maybe a 400′ gain, we turned up


those softwoods turned to spacious hardwoods

Yes, mmmmmm,

I managed to muster enough self control to prevent myself from running down the mountain and out to the car get my skis, skin 2 miles along a river and up another mile….

I restrained myself that day, however, the perfectly spaced birch were too much to resist.  We camped out at the trail head positioned for an early morning assault.

Under the first rays of the year

we hit that highway

always in awe

of this winter wonderland!

Oh, it was a glorious schuss!!

Swede-a-loping around

Smiles abound 🙂

but still focused on the line

frozen in time

I think this is the end.


We emerge from the daze

ready to take on 2013 head on.

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2 Responses to Holidaze (Part III)

  1. justin says:

    diggin the fart bag!

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