Holidaze (Part II)

I can think of no better way to celebrate the end and new beginnings than bookending one last / the first adventure.  With the hours of 2012 beginning to dwindle Christina & I packed the trail blazer full of gear and headed out on the highway.  The journey started slowly with a big plate of pasta and missing gear false alarms.  We were both exhausted when we reached destination #1.  A favorite of mine, and a new box for Christina to check off in the AM, Jay Peak.

We awoke to undercast skies, and severely wind affected powder leftovers.

We toured the piste, and had a grand time riding the tram,

and schussing around.

(Skiing on a holiday weekend, it’s really helpful to have a crowd filter for your camera)

The crowds kept growing, and we knew it was time to look for some peace and quiet.  We didn’t have to look far to see what we were searching for.

We traveled over the hills

and under the woods

to rabbit holes we go!

This rabbit hole ends with a mountain pass ride in an Outback with a friendly Eastern European residing in Boston.  We made it back in time for us to both pull the hero card and take one more run that was absolutely frigid.  (Note to self:  Those gloves you were sweating in all afternoon while touring, freeze real fast while sitting on a lift at dusk)

As the eve of the eve gave way to the eve, the Jay Cloud was in effect.  We simply had to go for a tour before we headed to our next objective.

Breaking trail with a smile in single digit temps.

It was worth the stop, the fresh snow overnight rejuvenated the woods.

And with that it was off to a new location.


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