Holidaze (part I)

We’re finally exiting that pesky January Thaw after the best December in years.  For me it started December 21st with a mixed precip event that encased the mountain in concrete, and then the snow machine started.  A few inches here and a surprise foot there!

After snow dancing all night long at the hostel tevere to the sounds of russ&ray we headed up to the mountain.  Apparently everyone was out doing last minute Christmas shopping.

Nick & I managed the 4th chair to the top, and were elated to watch the patrollers storming making it clear that the reported 12″ was not marketing hype.

Time to have our cake!

Oh no, there’s too much, snow, it got all over my lens.  I guess I’ll have to ski all this pow instead of taking photos.

This is the last line,

this boarder ever snaked…

The masses finally caught on, and we escaped through secret windows.

We said goodbye for a few, and let the mountains go to town filling in.

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2 Responses to Holidaze (part I)

  1. MBC says:

    Awesome photos, Jacko!

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