Gear Dorking / My Smartwool Love Affair

“I put smartwool socks on my feet and now I am in LOOOOOOOVE” said in my best Ron Burgundy voice. It’s true, I have a love affair with smartwool socks, and just want to shout it from atop a MOUNTAIN.

“Why?” you ask. They hit all the key points that you’d want from a base layer: Warm, Breathable, Comfortable, Durable. Additionally and perhaps most important that Merino Wool they are made of does NOT funk up.

“But, they are so expensive, you say.” At first look $16/sock seems outrageous.

When you break it down aka get dorky, like Stefan & I did at work a while back, the daily cost is very low, and for me worth every penny per day.

1:30 PM
me: you have any smartwool dress socks?
Stefan: yes= the shitme: excellent

Stefan: lol

yeah i constantly cycle between the ones i have

regular socks do NOT cut it

1:39 PM
me: so 3 months 5 days/week using (1) 16$ sock costs .25/day
1:40 PM
Stefan: 2 years, 1 day/week = .15/day

its amazing how key good socks are to personal comfort throughout the day

and how cheap the quality socks really end up being, especially if you were to factor in comfort over replacement

Yes it’s true, I can wear the same exact pair of socks an entire work week without washing. Their non-funkifying attributes keep them feeling fresh every day.

My socks are now easily 4 months old with minimal signs of wear, I envision at minimum 6 months of daily use. 21 Weeks x 5days/week = 105 Days. $16pair/105 Days = $0.15/Day.

Fifteen cents a day or $32/year, a price I am more than willing to pay for happy feet at work. The Naysayer speaks up “But I just did the math on my cotton socks I got at wallyworld and they cost less than $.01/Day.” A.) You did NOT just do that math. B.) Your socks got funky before you finished that sentence.

But why smartwool? They just seem to be the most available brand of merino wool socks. There are other brands out there, which I’d bet are just as good. Just beware of blends. They will be cheaper, but will funk up after a day. We DON’T want the funk.

Now, where’s my check smartwool??

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2 Responses to Gear Dorking / My Smartwool Love Affair

  1. Mc says:

    Jackson did you really just tell the world that you wear your socks multiple times before washing? This is not a safe space. Don’t walk in my house on a Friday with those Monday socks on !

  2. Tim D says:

    We are missing a key point here. The average persons nose is 60″ from their feet, Jackson’s nose however is clearly out of the range.

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