NEPA: ’tis a silly place. I traveled there recently for some social engagements and life long residents were pulling at straws with activities to get a feel for local flair. Not off to a great start, but there is this GEM of park by the name of Ricketts Glen. An absolute feast of waterfalls down one river into the gorge spattered with falls, up the other fork with moar! I can get pretty excited viewing water and gravity interact, but by the end of the tour I may have uttered the words “I’m getting bored of waterfalls.” Queue the #firstworldproblems / I know i didn’t really mean it. Grey days = No filter necessary for long exposures!




I think I found the last red leaves in the Northeast.



I left NEPA just in time. I traveled to RI through areas that were ravaged by Sandy 24 hrs later. The waters rose in Barrington, but fortunately left us unscathed.

Rising tide.

Starting to get ominous.


Storm Surge

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2 Responses to NEPA>Sandy

  1. Mc says:

    Jackson those are some mighty fine pictures!

  2. Ned says:

    Excellent shots…

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