I had the day off Monday because some dude decided to go adventuring hundreds of years ago.  So I decided it would be prudent to go on one of my own.  Christina & I departed civilization and quickly traveled our ocean blue of black asphalt.  Soon we breached the gateway to our “new world”

Da Notch, showing some foliage staying power.

Stepping out of the car to capture our surroundings, we noticed something different about this land.  It was legit cold out.

Our mission stood above us, somewhere, up above the clouds. As we climbed the colors fell beneath our feat. Leaving naked branches sticking out into the dull sky.


As we climbed higher the fog dissipated,


and we stumbled out on a perch next to an old man’s cabin nestled on the shoulder of man named Adams.



We found a neighboring cabin with crash space and set our gear down. Weary from adventuring we got a fire going-my how strange this fire looks.

Note: Looking back at older entries, apparently I have a thing for camp stove pics

The fruits of our super high tech fancy adventuring equipment, an afternoon cup o’ joe.


With the sun gone down, there was nothing left to do but wait for morning to continue our adventure.


A returning glow on the horizon signaled it was time to continue our adventure.


The new day brought a transformed landscape with it.


Our mission increased in difficulty with our new surroundings. Slippery & Exposed.


Disheartening conditions be damned the pinnacle has been reached!


Only one thing left to do, Summit Photo!

Well I suppose we should get down off this rock too. Down we went crossing the threshold of our glimpse into winter a few months down the road.


Success, we look back through our looking glass and can see THE TURN in progress.




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One Response to Columbus’ing

  1. Christina says:

    Perfect weather 🙂

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