Ithaca is GORGES

Come with me, now, on an adventure through middle earth aka the finger lakes region.

I hear a lush shire lies in Treman State park.

Time stands still contemplating the second breakfast menu while cooling in the river Brandywine.

Just across the border Lucifer rears his powerful head

attempting to swallow Christina.

Ithaca’s namesake bathing at dusk, I have a feeling she never has any privacy.

Is this the bridge to Rivendell or Watkins Glen?


Each layer of an ancient ocean floor’s sediment visible for oohs and aahs


Sinuous streams

transition to turgid showers.

Fleeing the holiday crowds, we find some luck on the Montour town lawn.

If this isn’t ‘MERICA i don’t know what is.


Further into the heartland we finally find some solitude.

Back into the thick of things for the big one. Taughannock plunges 215 ft to the pool below.


Beware below, as rockfall is almost as abundant as the waterfall.


The sun fades into the black hole as my time in this enchanted land expires.



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5 Responses to Ithaca is GORGES

  1. gorgeous photos as always, Jacko! Let’s get one of you and Christina soon???

    Like the Boosh reference and the 4 leaf clover!! Hope all is well 🙂

  2. Ned says:

    Jackson…love the shots, love the captions, love the photographer !
    Jackie loved seeing Watkins Glen where she used to live !
    What kind of camera did you use? Don’t forget mine is yours !

  3. nate says:

    Ah, Ithaca…
    It looks like you got to all the good waterfalls. Nice shots!

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