Trading green for white.

This past weekend the AIARE course I was taking cancelled the field day due to lack of snow.  Eleven months ago skiing to the car was still possible.  Sunday a total of two gullies in the iconic Tuckerman Ravine were left with top to bottom snow.

A week earlier the mountain was still holding on before the heat wave melted the snow right before our eyes.  It was now or never St. Patrick’s day 2012.  A 4am Boston Departure had us skinning up the Tuckerman Ravine Trail though a warm fog.

At Hojo’s an objective towered above the clouds.

Tuckerman Ravine.  Surely to be filled with climbing ants on this day.

Amazingly the low hanging fruit is often devoid of crowds.

With objective consensus we proceed, climbing out of the clouds,

Above the trees,

and above the surrounding peaks.

Down the open mountain faces, we ski,

on the sun drenched snow.


and spray.

Smiles for all.

Errrr, super stoked faces!

Notes:  As of yesterday(3/25/12) Hillman’s remained with left gully as skiable options.  However you must get there by foot rather than ski.  Dodge’s was not skied due to an urgent call from nature…

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