Surprise Soft Serve

Monday Morning I awoke in an Inn in Jeffersonville, VT.  I took a gander out the window, and to my glee it was snowing.  The cars below all coated in fluff.  An unexpected turn, as I was prepared for a day of fast groomers.  Only an inch on the reported, but clearly the wind had it’s way with the dendrites.   Piling deep drifts that begged to be sliced and diced with a smile.

Other times it’s appropriate to just drift the drift.

And of course it’s appropriated to paint tree covered canvases with moar different esses.

Even with the fresh snow it was easy to get caught staring at the mountain mmmmainsfield.

I said MOAR, moar different esses!

And as the day is winding down, after consuming all that surprise soft serve it is necessary to jump in jubilation!

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