12 More? How about 12 period?

EDIT: or 6, damnit.  Give me 12 weeks of winter though 🙂

Yesterday the prognosticator of all prognosticators Puxatony Phil gave his prediction of 12 more weeks of winter.  Well Phil, what do you mean 12 more?  Because I’m still waiting for it to start.  Was I just spoiled by last years snowmageddon?  Yes and no.

So far this year’s snow pack

Is a far cry from the smattering that was 2011.

I mean I was “backcountry skiing” in RHODE ISLAND!

However when the previous 3 years are added to the picture, 2012 is still slacking considerably.

There is still coverage approaching average levels the further north you travel, but that coverage is currently bulletproof. Almost every snow event has been preceded or followed by rain. So it’s been get after it during the storm or stick to the groomers. Skiers are growing wearing of making that “it’s great basebuilding snow” lemonade.

So save those sicks days, and get when the getting window opens.


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