The longest day

The summer solstice has passed us by. No longer are we mourning the passing of our season on the East Coast (it’s still going strong west of the Mississippi thanks to a historically high snow fall this year). We are looking ahead as the days begin to shorten to that first snowfall, and perhaps another fluke early october dump!

However, as the next round is anxiously anticipated to begin and warmer weather activities are enjoyed in the meanwhile- Yes, it’s true, there are things other than skiing that I DO enjoy! Let us not forget what a great year it was. Many hours savored and high fives exchanged after numerous “best runs ever” with the best of friends. Favorite locales revisited and new snowscapes explored and sought after. These are a few of my favorite images capturing those people, places and moments.


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4 Responses to The longest day

  1. STC says:

    Great shots! Amazing season on the East coast you coast hopper!

    p.s. the suby grill looks absolutely Bronco-tastic in that shot!

  2. Jill Marie says:


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