Day 30

In anticipation of this ski season I set a goal to ski at least 20 days.  To some that may seem like a lot and to others that would be their worst year by a long shot.  Last year I transitioned from recreational skier to I am a skier.  I set my sights on 30 days, which would be at least double my best year to date.  This past Saturday, I spent my 30th ski day of the season at Mad River Glen.  I didn’t just ski there, I experienced every nook and cranny on the locals tour.

Friday brought the biggest forecast bust of the season by the major forecasters.  At one point the National Weather Service was showing over a foot expected in the Mad River Valley region, which was far off from the 4″ that actually fell.  Never the less any fresh snow on full coverage in APRIL is very hard to beat.

Stefan and I took a ride up the iconic single chair.

We took one of of our last powder runs of the season through perfectly spaced trees on fall line before meeting our tour guides.  We entered a portal and came out in zones littered with steep chutes and mandatory airs.

We followed the red pants of our tour guide down rabbit hole after rabbit hole.

Some holes abruptly ended in ice cliffs with powdery landings.  I was happy to oblige the mountain by hucking myself off them.

Others returned us back to the slopes of the Mad River Glen.

Other rabbit holes eluded us completely and we were relegated to traversing, sidestepping, and bushwhacking back from the unknown.

Mad River Glen is unique skiing experience, and the mountain had me more exhausted than any of the previous 29 days this season.  It took me a long time to finally meet the mountain, but our next encounter is not so far away.

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6 Responses to Day 30

  1. va says:

    love your new water mark! and your photos, as always, are great 🙂

  2. stc says:

    Sick end to the lift served ski season, by far the most tired I have ever been after a day of skiing.

  3. joann hall conroy says:

    Who’s the crazy guy in the red pants jumping off the cliff ?!!

  4. joann hall conroy says:

    Or better yet, who taught him how to ski ?!

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