Pre-Prime Time

Well I’m back in RI, after a eventful and informative 2 days attending the Fresh Lines Blogger’s Summit @Jay Peak.   There was plenty of great skiing to be had, and the mountain is almost at prime time condition.  Let’s hope that Jay Cloud goes back to work, and provides a clean canvas when I return this weekend.

In the meantime here’s a few leftover images from 2010, and a less than stellar December.

Post Christmas Storm lead me to explore, Lincoln Woods, my mountain bike stomping grounds before work.

I found some decent hardwoods meadows to skip.

It was so good that I went back the next morning with my brother to harvest some flatland pow.

Luke you turned off your targeting computer, what's wrong?

The Ski Trench is a beautiful thing.

A formerly typical empty Magic Mountain lot, NYE morning

Bring out the spring gloves, whenever I'm at Magic the temps are unseasonably warm.

Picturesque Southern Vermont. Unfortunately the melting sticky storm leftovers on no base left much to be desired regarding the conditions

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Still, we had an excellent day.

There were cliffs to jump off of, and then there were cliffs to core shot my skis.

There were a few trails that had a man made base due to a greatly improved snow making system this year, which were not so nasty to the skis and boards.

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