Fresh Lines

Wow, 2011, has started off with a bang! I spent an entire week skiing Summit County, Colorado, ticked a back country locale off my target list, and have just been invited to attend the Fresh Lines skiblog summit at Jay Peak . After seeing a request for applicants to fill 6 public spots, I sent an email off as pretty much a shot in the dark Tuesday evening. I even mentioned to Stefan I was applying and that it was most likely. “loooooooong shot.”. I was happy with myself for actually sending the email. Wednesday morning I was awarded with an invite, six out of 1,000+ applicants, pretty pretty pretty, cool. is going place in 2011. This is also the season I am realizing how deep my passion for skiing, the outdoors in general and creating media runs through me, and there are avenues leading me away from the mundane 9-5 slowly beginning to show themselves. I am so stoked to meet with some people who have been doing this for a while, and just take in lots information. Cheers to more great things to come in 2011.

P.S. There will be posts forthcoming regarding that Colorado trip and the backcountry day mentioned.

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2 Responses to Fresh Lines

  1. stc says:

    Yeah yeah!!!
    Blogging and becoming worse than TimECee with the camera is starting to pay off eh?!?
    I need a new post, soon, I think I have a few adventures to catch up on.

  2. Christina says:


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