Winter of Killington (Snow)

I know, it’s technically not winter yet, but the 2010-2011 Ski season is well under way.  So far all my turns, earned and lift assisted, have been on Killington Mountain in Vermont.  A combination of maximum early season terrain open,  available discounts, and free lodging with friends close by have drawn me up to Kmart almost every weekend since late November.

Partner in Crime, JT, and I.

So far this year’s La Nina weather  pattern has not been conducive to providing snow events anywhere other than northern,  VT.  My strategy of find the run with the guns blasting has worked out quite well.  Being covered in ice from head to toe at the end of the day has been well worth the turns on the softer freshly man made snow.  This past weekend runs of choice were, cascade, which started off with boot deep drifts and turned into very soft bumps and rollers by mid morning, when we transferred to some newly opened terrain on the backside of Skye peak featuring plenty of natural features to catch some air off.

To Cascade? Yes Please.

JT Airing it out on Cascade.



Check my Mad Steeze.

Finally an action photo that actually looks decent.

So far I’m off to my best season start ever, well on my way to crushing my previous best for ski days in a season.  I will say riding gondolas every weekend has me completely spoiled.  Think snow,  I need a powder day before 2011.

Check back in soon for some info on Vermont eateries local to Killington, VT for some pre or apres ski treats.



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2 Responses to Winter of Killington (Snow)

  1. stc says:

    Nice dude! Shooting for longest ski season ever? Oct. 16th – …?

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