It’s Official

Officially a goal of mine to summit all New Hampshire 4,000 footers.  I’ve spent so much time in the White Mountains recently it’s bound to happen anyways.  People say negative things about making lists just to make lists, but this is really just motivation to go out and spend more time in an area I love doing one of my favorite things.

The weekend after backpacking with Tom, Tess again requested a trip north.  Nick targeted Mt. Liberty, which may just be the shortest 4,000 footer round trip.  Good thing because one too many delicious beers were consumed Friday night.  After everything under the sun slowing us down we finally made it up to the trail head, with just enough time to make it up and down before dark.  But this never holds true and running this late, it is always dark by the time you make it back to the car.

In my hasty packing job, I neglected to bring any sort of shell or jacket other than my puffy.  Was not happy when little styrofoam started flying sideways out of the sky.  Fortunately, the precipitation stayed frozen.

What is this?

At least these Arvidsons are having a good time.

I can't say I'm having the worst time, It's kind of snowing, right!?

Smile, It's Winter in the Alpine Zone.

It's a Winter Wonderland!

Live Free or Die on Mt. Liberty, NH

Your turn, Nick

The wind was whipping pretty good up top. My bare hand froze pretty quickly while snapping a few photos. It was a little too difficult for me to put the camera away, I think I have a problem. Here are some of the better shots:


On the way down the sun did in fact set, and some how we managed to follow a drainage instead of the trail.
No big deal, we could see the road in the distance and popped right out onto the paved nature path that was near the parking lot. I made the mistake of thinking we cut the trail short, when we came out on the next trail head up the road I realized my error and ditched my bag and had the others stay put while I ran back to get the car. Not the best idea splitting up, but we were right on the main road in case anything were to happen.  I was back in under 30 minutes with the car, and back to the Ocean State we went.

I’ll have to go back and “check my records,” but I must have summited at least 20% of the 4,000 footers by now.

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1 Response to It’s Official

  1. STC says:

    You guys are like the brady bunch of hiking, in a much more awesome, manly, ladylike and awesome way

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