West Coast Consumption

Prior to my trip I was looking forward to trying as many new beers as possible getting hopped out and eating too much sushi and Mexican food.  There were plenty of new beer varieties to try, most suprising was the selection of different brews put for by New Belgian Brewing, the brewer of the well known Fat Tire Amber Ale.   I was very happy to finally taste a fat tire.  It was good, but definitely not as amazing as people make it out to be.  Nothing I tried absolutely blew me away, but everything was good flavorful solid Beer!  It has been a few weeks since I actually had these beers that unfortunately I don’t remember specifics about any of them.  I had some tasty meals too, make sure you have your own beverage and food close by before continuing.

Fat Tire Amber Ale

Breakfast Burrito from MO'z Cafe - San Francisco, CA brought the heat.

Wedding dancing fuel!

Gimme a break, I was on a road trip. Fast food was inevitable. In N' Out ain't too shabby.

Hoptober Golden Ale by New Belgian Brewing (these are the guys who brew fat tire)

Golden Trout Pilsner. I was totally expecting this to be some watery shwill, but it tasted great.

American Amber Ale - Rouge Brewing

Tacos @ Lily's Tacos Santa Barbara, CA.

FISH TACOS!! @ Maria's Mexican Cocina San Deigo, CA. Trip's Best Meal!!!

From Left to Right. Ranger India Pale Ale by New Belgian Brewing. Captain Sig's Northwestern Ale by Rouge Brewing. Belgo India Pale Ale by New Belgian Brewing.

I did indeed manage to hop myself out and am currently on a black and tan kick. I only managed to have sushi once, It was good, but almost half price of what I seem to pay back home. Awesome! I think I could have continued to eat mexican every day, it was all superb.

Now I can start thinking about where the next vacation destination will be. But not before enjoying another glorious New England autumn, there is no better time to your ride mountain bike. And ski season is just around the corner.

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2 Responses to West Coast Consumption

  1. stc says:

    Agreed on the Fat Tire, good, but not what it is billed to be by seemingly everyone on the interwebs. Lack of availability, that’s all.

    So jealous over all that delicious looking Mexican food!

  2. mz says:


    in-n-out is fantastic.

    when i was traveling to LA, we east-coasters would get sushi nearly every day — fantastic sushi buffets of _incredible_ rolls and sashimi [ie, not shitty-buffet-quality] available all-you-can-eat for $9.95. we’d walk out in food coma but it was soooooo good

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