Beers of Vermont

While in Vermont at the kingdom trails I sampled a variety of beers brewed in state.  I’m no beer snob, but I think I have educated taste buds.  Here is my take on each one in completely random order:

Brewer:  Long Trail Brewing Company
Location:  Bridgewater Corners, Vt
Brew Tasted:  Blackberry Wheat

I think it was last summer this brew became one of my all time favs.  The blackberry flavor is not overwhelming (full discloser:  I LOVE BERRIES) and the beer watered down like too many other berry brews.  Long Trail of all variety’s are readily available across all of New England so it wasn’t a rarity, but it sure was the perfect refreshment choice to cool down with after an epic ride.

Brewer:  Trout River Brewery
Location:  Lyndonville, VT
Brew Tasted:  Rainbow Red Ale & Hoppin’ Mad Trout

This a brewery I have not seen anywhere other than VT, and for good reason, it sucks!  The Rainbow Red was completely MEH, not a big fan of reds in the first place, but this one was completely bland with no identity.  I think i may have tasted a hint of hops in the Hoppin’ Mad Trout, but tests would need to be done to verify.  Trout River’s brewmaster needs some lessons in brewing or a new set of taste buds, maybe both.  Fortunately I was able to sample a single from the gas station and saved my dollars for a better draft at the bar next door.

Brewer:  Wolaver’s Certified Organic Brews by Otter Creek
Location:  Middlebury, VT
Brew Tasted:  Wolaver’s IPA

These guys actually know what they are doing.  Otter Creek has a red that I actually do enjoy and the Wolaver’s IPA, which i sampled was delicious.  Wolaver’s is Otter Creek’s completely organic selections.  The IPA had that customary hoppy bite I love so much, it may have even been better than Harpoon IPA, which I consider the measuring stick of New England IPA’s.

Brewer:  Switchback Brewing Company
Location:  Burlington, VT
Brew Tasted:  Switchback Pale Ale

This brew is only available on draft, and a favorite among apres ski locations across VT and NH.  Its got flavor, its got hops and goes perfect with a greasy burger and fries, what else could you ask from a beer?  I will definitely be enjoying a few of these come ski season, which hopefully comes earlier than later.

As of 2008 Vermont has the most breweries in the US per capita.   So get yourself to Vermont, enjoy the outdoors, and drink some beer!

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4 Responses to Beers of Vermont

  1. scautino says:

    SWITCHBACK!!! Love the stuff, great apres ski or MTB drink!
    Hopefully many will be had this season!

  2. mz says:

    not a beer snob, my ass

    • angryswede says:

      Are you getting snooty with me?

      a person who imitates, cultivates, or slavishly admires social superiors and is condescending or overbearing to others.
      a person who believes himself or herself an expert or connoisseur in a given field and is condescending toward or disdainful of those who hold other opinions or have different tastes regarding this field.

      Regarding macro brew choice I will be condescending towards inferior choices and therefore snobbish. MHL or the highway, and don’t even think about consuming a something something LIME “beer” in my presence.

      Concerning the beverage universally I would consider myself knowledgeable, but by no means a connoisseur and can appreciate people having different tastes for this glorious beverage we call BEER!

      • mz says:

        i’m not challenging other people having different tastes. we all know this.

        but as someone who has consumed more than ~300 different types of beer [i’d imagine this number to be a floor, not even close to a ceiling], i think that we can differentiate your depth of beer-taste skill versus that of a normal person or cretin.

        if you mentioned you are not a scotch snob, this would be appropriate, since you do not consume quantities of different scotches. but since you have [and do] for beer, you are much more knowledgeable than the commoner, hence why we use the title ‘beer snob’, more as a sign of respect for one’s palate in this situation.

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