R.I.P. you crazy Swede

I have semi-recently developed an interest in ski mountaineering and have been eating up any trip reports and other information on the subject.  This summer there have been two especially well documented high altitude ski attempts.  The first being Ski Mountaineer Legend Lou Dawson & Wild Snow crew’s Denali Trip (click here for all Denali related posts, a great success!) the second being Fredrik Ericsson’s Ski Descent from the K2 summit, yes I said K2, accompanied by mountaineer/journalist Trey Cook, which tragically unsuccessful.

Fredrik and Trey provided excellent updates on their progress including the tiny details that gave you a feeling of what is was actually like to be on the “savage mountain.”  Their last update informed that a summit bid would be occurring sometime early Friday morning Eastern Time.  It was with great shock that I read Fredrik fell almost 3,000 ft to his death from somewhere between camp IV and the summit, never getting a chance to clip in from the summit.  (News realease)  Some would say their mission was a death wish from the beginning, but there are those who cannot stop pushing themselves higher and higher until unfortunately as in this case their lives come to grinding halt.  Still, they had drawn me into their adventure and I was rooting for them all the way, so I took in the news of this tragedy with a surprising amount of emotion.

Rest in peace Fredrik.  You left doing what you loved to do, but perhaps somethings are best left undone.

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