Kingdom Trails (cont.)

Continuing the Kingdom Trails Blago-Blag.

During the ride we heard there was a nice lake a few miles up the road, and we figured a good lake soak would feel good and maybe remove the cloud of mud and sweat stench surrounding us.  We found Lake Willoughby easy enough along with the nude beach (read:  old, fat, naked dude convention) so we jumped in and jumped out and that was that.

After arguing if we should cook at the campsite or check out the Pub Outback in town, we settled on the Pub Outback.  After putting in the necessary time and research Team Pub Outback had a bulletproof case and was not going to be swayed.  Pub Outback delivered after a beer tasting was had at the picnic table next to the gas station.

Purchasing a single bottle of beer and drinking it as soon as you leave the store is quite amazing, I highly suggest it if you ever have the means.  We tasted some varieties from the local trout river brewery and were severely disappointed, but extremely happy we didn’t waste five dollars each buying them at the bar.  Burgers were excellent at the pub as were breakfast sandwiches at the gas station the next morning, bla bla bla enough of this NonBikeContent.

We were all pretty beat from saturday’s epic so we shuttled to the lot at the Inn at Mountain View Farm atop darling hill.  Our plan was to session Kitchel all day long, and it worked out great.  We warmed up by pedaling up the darling hill road and jumped on Bill Magill and cruised the double track on Sugar House Run back to the top of Kitchel.  The top half of Kitchel is semi-technical single track, which you can really rip as long as you don’t get stuck behind some kitted out XC riders who have no interest in going fast.  The trail soon opened up into a downhill of tall switch backing berms and jumps the rest of the way day providing us with endless entertainment the rest of the day.

Lots of photo opportunities were had and the contrast of hanging out in one area compared to the all day epic of Saturday was very enjoyable.

Testing the Focus.

Tim managed to break his chain twice;  after seeing how sexy Stefan looking rocking it he decided it would be in everyone’s best interest if he rode chainless the rest of the day.

Looking good Stef.

Some of the better riding shots.

Stefan trying out the squish squish

It took a little getting used to.


Stoked Face!

…and we were on the road returning to our lives at exactly 3pm(our goal for departure) with no time wasted.  The ride home was full of reflections-literal reflections.

The End.

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