The Dog Days

Well the Dog Days of Summer are over… for now anyways.   I’ll take what i can get.   The haze of moist heat had left me with little ambition to do anything, but sit in the coldest areas I could find let alone go on any adventures.  Even when it was pouring buckets it was still hotter than hades.  Still I persevered and grilled one evening.

In exhibit A, we have my antithesis to summer grilling.

Exhibit A

The skies have cleared, and the heat has given way to some glorious 75 degree blue bird days, with more fore casted for the holiday weekend.  Yesterday, I got a late ride in at lincoln woods.  The temp was perfect, I did not return to my car with a hundred bug bites, and I was destroying climbs.  I would say good ride.  I quenched my post ride hunger & thirst with High Life squared.

The High Life Life

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