Beer me that grill

Tuesday evening was so nice out that grilling was mandatory.


Love using the camping cookware on the grill.

KRAUT, BRATS, Grill'n Beans & Veggies

I finally got off the zucchini & summer squash train and am now riding the grilled cherry tomatoes & onions wagon.  Added some fresh mozzarella to the mix once removed from the grill.

Grilled Veggies and CHEEEEEEEEEESE

To quench my thirst per the recommendation of one S.Caut, a Pretty Things Jack D’or, which is a Belgian Saison styling with American influence.

Tastual Euphoria

Let me tell you, this beverage was amazing.  Usually not a huge fan of the Belgian beers, but this one was made for my taste buds.  I will definitely be trying other varieties offered by Pretty Things.

Everybody must have migrated to their favorite food coma location.

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1 Response to Beer me that grill

  1. stc says:

    Damn that all looks delicious!!
    I still have to try some more Pretty Things varieties, was very happy with the Jack D’Or.

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