Enjoyable Edibles

Had some errands to do after work today, the last left me right next to whole foods. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some amazing produce and supplies for a tasty dinner.

The most delectable grapes you've never had because i ate them all.

I wish I could afford to purchase all of my perishables from whole foods or a similar market place. Not only is it more expensive but whenever I stop by I always end up buying way more than if I was at a traditional chain supermarket because it actually looks appetizing.

Tonights main event:  Cajun Seasoned chicken breast with cheddar cheese, tomato, and avocado on whole grain bread.

I only cut it in half because I wanted a pic of the melty insides.

Side Dish:  Summer Squash and Zucchini stir fry with a lil crazy salt & cracked pepper for flavor.  I usually dump a shredded block of cheese on top, but figured I could survive without since my sandwich was cheesed.  A vidalia onion goes well in this stir fry too.  I have been obsessed with this combo so far this spring.  It’s so good, I hope I don’t get tired of it.

All together now w/baked potato for good measure.

Now that was a delicious dish.

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1 Response to Enjoyable Edibles

  1. mz says:

    that looks really yummy. i hate you

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