Sunrise Ride

To kick off the Memorial Day weekend I decided it would be fun to go for a dawn patrol ride Saturday in Lincoln Woods before heading to the Cape for some beach house action.  Friday evening i discovered a broken spoke on my trail bike and being after business hours decided to build up my Giant XTC.

I had the build finished by 11pm.  Finished product is ridable, but definitely could use some improvements.  Could only find one chain ring, rear brake is a garbage o.e.m. tektro, and there is some wobbling going on with the cranks/bottom bracket.

After 4 short hours of sleep I was out the door at 4:45 AM.  Sunrise was at 5:10 AM and I technically made it, but it was a bit cloudy and the lake didn’t quite provide the views I was hoping for.

I rode my usual loop plus a little extra since climbing on the XTC required much less effort than my Prophet MX which i usually ride.  However, I did not feel comfortable on the techy downhills due to my tires not hooking up at all and not being used to a light weight xc hardtail after riding only an aggressive 5″ travel trail bike for rwo years straight.  It was also quite obnoxious riding on flats. I really need a new pair of SPD shoes, but after only wearing the previous pair i bought once before loosing them they have been very low priority on the gear list.

A few more pics from the ride:

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