Red red wine

The last few wines i have enjoyed have all been Red ___insert object here___ wine.

We have Red Bicyclette – Pinot Noir, Red Guitar – Navarra, and Redtree Zinfandel.  Is this some master marketing ploy by vineyards worldwide, or do i just have a nervous subconscious that needs extra confirmation that I am indeed purchasing a red wine.  If these companies had chosen a different name for their wine without a “red” title would they be worse off than they are today, or am i the only one who really really likes red when it comes to wine?   Maybe I am just oblivious and 90% of red wines contain “red” in their name and should be discussing how I really just like bikes, guitars and trees.

I’m obviously no wine connoisseur, but for under $12 a bottle for each of these varieties was a very satisfying purchase.

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1 Response to Red red wine

  1. marissa says:

    I think you like the objects. notice are you aren’t buying “Ruffino” or “Little Black Dress.” The objects are catching your attention. You like bikes so why the hell wouldnt u like a wine with the name bike in it? Although, I bet you like little black dresses too… hmph!

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