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No, I am not talking about that TV series that many are buzzing about. I am referring to the mind boggling number of news stories about lost hikers recently.  It gets better, lost hikers are RUNNING INTO EACH OTHER!! I … Continue reading

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WeMA Singletrack

This past Sunday I headed back out to Belchertown to experience some of this amazing Western, MA singletrack i have heard people rave about.  The days target:  Batchelor st trails in Holyoke Range State Park.  Stefan rode here a bit … Continue reading

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Red red wine

The last few wines i have enjoyed have all been Red ___insert object here___ wine. We have Red Bicyclette – Pinot Noir, Red Guitar – Navarra, and Redtree Zinfandel.  Is this some master marketing ploy by vineyards worldwide, or do … Continue reading

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